Thursday, June 02, 2011

Daily Top 10

Top 5 People That I Really Adore

  1. Taylor Swift - Very talented, great role model, and she's one of the reason why I pursue to learn in playing guitar. Her music makes me relax. I ♥ her !
  2. Maria Sharapova - the best tennis player ever ! I will be her fan no matter what.
  3. Roberto 'Bob' Ong - He is a Filipino Author, I've started collecting his books. It's about the Characteristics of all Filipino, gov't of the Philippines, and his funny experiences. You can learn lessons about this book. You Roooock !! \m/
  4. Anne Frank - Yes! I already ready her Diary and I felt sad when I finished it. It's sad when you know that many people suffer in Holocaust and yet they are all innocent. Just because of Adolf Hitler >.<
  5. All writers like William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, etc. - My hobby is reading books and I want to collect a good books.
Top 5 Books That I Want To Read

  1. The Associate by John Grisham - It's genre is Thriller. I'm not reading a horror books right now  but after knowing that Maria Sharapova's favorite book was The Associate, I also wan to read t. . And aside from that , I find that book very interesting.
  2. Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith- it has 6 volumes. After watching its Season 1 in TV ., i think the story is interesting.
  3. Confession of Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella - I already reed the first volume, it was sooooo funny !! But until now, i cannot buy the other volumes because i don't have enough money . :/
  4. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling - I know it was a very looooong novel but i want too read it. ^^
  5. Winter in Madrid by C.J Simpson - Concept was 1940's. M.S also read that book. She said that book has a good story line so I want to read that book. I hope can buy that book. :)

NOTE: This lists are all about my interest.  Thank you for reading ! Stay tuned for my next blog. 

XoXo ♥


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learn How To Speak Tagalog

Alright ! So, Are you planning to go to Philippines? Well, I'm sure you won't regret to visit here and travel all over the Philippines. But, our country has its own Language called 'Tagalog'. Filipinos also understand English but before going to other country ... You should know its Culture, Languages, etc.

Basic/Simple Words of Filipino that you should learn, for you to understand what they are saying. Here are the Following:

       English Version  ----------- Tagalog Version

  • How are you? ------------ Kamusta ka?
  • Good Morning ----------- Magandang Umaga
  • Good Evening ------------ Magandang Gabi
  • Let's go! ------------------ Tara na!
  • Take Care ---------------- Ingat ka
  • I Love You --------------- Mahal Kita
  • How Much? -------------- Magkano?
  • Thank You --------------- Salamat

Hope you learn some information about this. Enjoy your vacation here in the Philippines :)

-- xoxo ♥ Me

Monday, May 02, 2011

Truth About the Philippines

 A few days ago, I had finished reading a book.  It was written by Bob Ong who is my Favorite author in the Philippines. The book contains all about the Philippines and Filipinos. Matapos kong mabasa ang librong ito, napukaw ang aking kaisipan ukol sa ating bansa. Bakit nga ba hindi umunlad-unlad ang Pilipinas? Bakit patuloy ang pagdmi ng mga Kababayan nating nakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa para lamang mabuhay ang kanilang Pamilya? Bakit mayroong mga Pilipino na hindi kayang ipamalaki ang kanilang lahi kahit pa dito sila nagmula at nagka-isip? Ganyan na ba kahirap na matanggap na ang Pilipinas ay may pangit na kalakaran ng pamumuhay?

 As a Filipino, I won't deny that our Country faces many Problems about graft and corruption, poverty, Financial Problems, etc. But ... aside from the negative image of the Philippines in the other Country. Philippines are rich in Cultures and Famous Sceneries like:

Banaue Rice Terraces (Benguet, Baguio City)
Mayon Volcano ( Albay , Bicol Region )

 These are only the two beautiful sceneries that you may enjoy if you travel the Philippines. Aside from that, Filipinos are known for being Hospitable, Approachable and Friendly. 



 Thanks for reading my blog.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Modern Fairy Tale !!

 * Once upon a time in a far away land ... *

I have one question ... Where do you usually hear those lines ?! Yes, You're right !! In a Book that is full of fantasy or what we called Fairy Tales. Oh God ! I love reading books. Sometimes, I can finish reading books in one week or even days.

Ok .. back to the topic, when I was a young, My Mom always read me a book before I sleep like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs *ooh ! I love that book.* Hansel and Gretel, Aladdin and etc. Some of it usually have their Prince and Princess as a character. I wish I could have my own Prince too. :D

Last April 29, 2011, almost 2 billion people all over the world watched The Royal Wedding of The Century. many tourists came to London, England just to see in personal the Newlyweds. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was sooooooo Lucky to have Prince William, who is the future King of England. Catherine is beautiful in every way even though she didn't put make up.

I wish I could find my own Prince too. But not at this moment, I have many things to do to fulfill my dreams. Well, I hope that their marriage will LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER !! :)

Congratulations and greetings from Philippines.

-- Thanks for reading my blog.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

High School Life ... is the BEST !!!

Four years in High School is long enough to say that it is already a part of my life. I met my friends, and my inspiration. They gave happiness in my life in four years!
And now, the graduation is about to come ... I feel happy because at last!! after all my sacrifices and all the things I've done.. in four years, my chapter in High School is over! But, aside from being happy... I also felt of sadness .. Because I will my classmates that became a part of my life . I will miss the days that I laugh, hang out, and all the things that makes me happy together with them.

Look at that picture! That's our field trip in the Famous Landmark in Philippines which is Luneta Park, where our National Hero Gat. Jose Rizal was killed. It is one of my unforgettable in High School. I will cherish and never forget that day because at the end ... All I can do is reminisce the past.

GUYS !! we are facing a new chapter in life ... and that is COLLEGE LIFE. I know all of us will take a different path and maybe we will not see each other in 3 to 4 years unless if there's a party !! I will miss you guys ! and I hope that you will never forget... That there is LALENG who played a part of your High School Life.

Oh! before I forgot ... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US !! * Sana hindi tayo magsisi sa kursong pipiliin natin .. Kaya isiping mabuti !! Future ang nakasalalay.. :)) *

( IV - GOLD batch 2010 - 2011 )

-- thanks for reading !! stay tuned for my next blog :)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sports-Minded -- Tennis Lover ^^,

<---- This is Maria Sharapova :)

i have one question ., what is your favorite sports ever ?! if you ask me ... i'm 100% sure that I would say ... I'm a big fan of Lawn Tennis !! i love watching and playing tennis. When i was in 5th i joined a tennis tournament .. all schools will compete ,. and i'm very glad that in my matched i won !! I'm in 2nd place.. *it's not bad 'coz i'm just a beginner* When i was in 6th grade .. i joined again in a tennis tournament .. and i won but not in 2nd place .. i'm only in 3rd place ., i'm not sad about that .. 'coz i did my best :)

--/> i found tennis is a great sport .. it enhance your strength and alertness ... but this past 4 consecutive years , I'm sad that i didn't play tennis ., but still i'm watching tennis .. like Roland-Garros tournament , and Wimbledon tournament .., my favorite player in Women's Single is Maria Sharapova (top seed no. 16) !! i love the way she plays in tennis court .. and also her style inside the court .. *she is 6'2 .. a very tall woman at the age of 23 y/o* hehe :D .. while in Men's Single is Roger Federer (top seed no.1) !! although Rafael Nadal beat him in Roland-Garros tournament .. i will always be his fan .. no matter what :)

-> we have our own different favorite sports .. but for me , i love LAWN TENNIS !!!!

- The End for now .. stay tuned for my next blog -


thanks for reading

--> Darlene <--

I'm Only Me when I'm with Them ♥

ooh !! @.@ ., Date Taken- March 30, 2010 .. right! the day before Recognition Day ! aah., that day was one of my unforgettable moment in my high school life ... :)

---/> uhmm., when do you start drinking alcohol ?! if you ask me .., i will say ., "I start drinking alcoholic drink when i was in 6th Grade. But, i'm not ALCOHOLIC! that you see in a bar or a cabaret chasing with the boys .. or something like that !!" i'm not that type of girl. for heaven's sake, i'm only 15 yrs. old. :))

---/> I just wanna share a blog of mine .., it happened when i was in 2nd yr High School ., my friend Carmina celebrating her 15th birthday in their house *November 7, 2008*. But before that day My friends and I decided to surprise her .. Before going to her birthday party, we decided to buy her a new bag but because of that she get angry .. she thought that we will not go to her bday 'coz we are late .. hehe *that was our plan* .. but she realized that we do that just to buy her a gift to surprised her ... until now, that bag is still alive .. hahaha

---/> Many of her visitors went home but our group so called 'Dhora's Angel" is still there ... and one of my friend suggest that we should buy a beer just for fun ... and there you go, that was the first time that we started to drink a beer ... Before going home., we decided to keep it a secret !! But .. i think after 2 days., our adviser called us *all of us that joined the party of Carmina* to go to Library .. at first we thought we might just do an activity .. at the Library ,, one of my friend told to her mother what we did !! OMG !! we thought that it's only our secret that no one will know ... She brought her mother .., inside the library .. whew ! interrogate .., asking questions .., that sort of thing ... some of us ,, started to cry ., even me .. well., but as of now ., *at present* that girl also drink with us .. but her mother doesn't know ...

---/> that was only a nightmare .., LESSON: don't drink too much !!! DRINKING TOO MUCH ALCOHOL CAN RUIN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE !!! JUST DRINK IF YOU HAVE TO CELEBRATE A PARTY OR TO SOCIALIZE ... that's only my opinion to have a happy life. .. hahah :D ..

... thanks for reading my blog ...


---> Darlene <---

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


<--- My Mother and I ...

Our Mother is also called ‘ Ilaw ng Tahanan’, which is true. This day (May9 ) we celebrate ‘Mother’s day’.. We must thank them for what they did for us.., ‘IINGATAN KA by Carol Banawa’ and 'Thanks to You', is a song that I dedicated to all mother who always there for us no matter what. Who always comfort us when we are crying, alone and even in our darkest day in our life that we are facing. Support us in every decision we made and give us an advice when we need it …
I just wanna share a blog … it’s about my mom and my studies…

Last January 2010, i will never forget that day ( January5 ) ., my teacher in English III caught me talking to my classmate during our quiz. She ask me why i’m talking to my seat mate … she also said if i’m forgotten that is during our quiz.. *it means talking is not allowed* .. I answered her ., “ma’am i’m just asking her what is the English of ‘kahit ano’,” she said, “you’re in section 1.. if you want i will move you in the lowest section.,” I response and said, “it-try ko po ma’am .. joke lang.. hehehe” .. I think beacuse of that she get mad at me.
In the next day, ( January6 ) ., Ohmigod ! it’s my report !! i feel nervous ., i was hoping that she already forgot what I did to her yesterday.. but it was no luck .. she did not forget that ., My report was not impressed her because i don’t understand what is all about .. *i hate reporting !!!* ., After that ., she ask me “are you normal? your attitude is not normal. it’s abnormal…” Suddenly, “I want to talk to your mother!” OMG! that was the first teacher that wants to talk to my parent…
Next day again, me and my mom was in the faculty .. talking about that uncigkf incident.. I was crying, begging her to allow me to come back to her class .. but it did not happen .. January8, my mom talked to my teacher again.. and she wants me to buy a book entitled “The Road by …” *i don’t know that author* … I think after 3days., my mom gave the book to my teacher … She accepted it and she said that i can go back to her class… yeah.. that’s right ,, just because of that book .. she forgive me…
Know what guys, i felt sorry for my mom because she always come back to our school just to talk to my teacher., begging her that if i can go back to her subject. *naawa na nga ko nun sa mama ko eh.. hehe*., Actually, the first time i saw that teacher .. I’m scared of her.. i don’t feel that i like her and be my favorite teacher .. except, that she gave a high grade even some of us are not participating… :)
That was the first time that a teacher talk to my mother about me .. my attitudes and behavior inside our classroom during our time … *she is not our adviser… that was good for me.. :D* … I learned that you should be quite inside the classroom especially when you know that the teacher is terror .. hehehe … I just want to share this anecdote ‘coz it’s about my mom who support me in my studies .. who comfort me when i’m crying .. she always there ., her shoulders that i can lean on .. that i can cry and give me a big hug/embrace me when i’m in need … :)

---> Actually, i don;t want to say sorry for what i have done to my teacher because i just answer her question and asking my classmate what is the English of 'kahit ano', is that bad ?! but since she is our teacher i have to respect as long as I can ... <---
~ I know I’m not a good daughter to her… sometimes not obeying her … I may not be a sweetest girl that always give her a hug and say I love you … but I’m 100% sure that I’m just here for her.. Love you mom.. Happy mother’s day !!! :) ~

…. thanks for reading my blog… hope you get some lessons.. :)
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Sana, Sana, Puro na Lang Sana ...

^*... ewan cu buh cung bkt acu nag-post ng blog..?? cguro kc wla lng acung magawa.. at kpag wla acung magawa lumalabas ang pagka-senti cu.. k2lad na lng neun.. " panu nga buh cmulan ang isang blog na alam ko nman sa sarili ko wlang pupuntahan., na alam mu naman mababasa lng ng kung alam na alam mu na kpag nbsa toh ng relatives.. tiyak yari nah.. interrogate nnman ang kahahantungan..?? (pero sna wlang magbsa nito)" e2 na sisimulan cu nah., kc auq rin nmang pahabain pa toh... --> sana magparamdam cua.., sana malaman mu na my isang taong naghihintay.., sana lhat ng tao derecho cung magsalita para nman ung iba ndeh umaasa kht na cguro mskt cung pakinggan.., ok lng.., *kc hinihingi mu nman ung sgut db?*.., sana lahat din ng tao cnsv cung cnu at anu ca ba talaga sa buhay nila..,hehe --> oo., cguro hbang binabasa nyo toh.. isa lng nasa isip nyo.. *cnu ang taong pinattmaan cu??*hehe --> cguro para sken,. gux2 cu lng maranasan ang sumulat at gumawa ng isang blog.. isang blog na cung saan malalabas cu ang saloobin, opinion cu at habang cnusulat cu toh.. wlang tao ang magttnong..
kea nging paborito cu c bob ong na maging author ng isang libro kc para saken lhat ng cnusulat nya ay pawang katotohanan ngunit my halo din itong kalokohan..hehe *"Ang pag-ibig parang imburnal...nakakatakot kapag nahulog ka, it's either by accident or talagang tanga ka.." *

--> gueh., cnulat cu lng tlga toh kc gux2 cu ring ma-exp ang ginagawa ng iba cung friends na gumawa ng isang blog.. *ai., ignorante* hehe

P.S: ang o.a cu noh.. kea sna., pag nbsa nyo toh.. wak nyu cu asarin..hehe *drama mode*


---> Darlene <---

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