Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sports-Minded -- Tennis Lover ^^,

<---- This is Maria Sharapova :)

i have one question ., what is your favorite sports ever ?! if you ask me ... i'm 100% sure that I would say ... I'm a big fan of Lawn Tennis !! i love watching and playing tennis. When i was in 5th i joined a tennis tournament .. all schools will compete ,. and i'm very glad that in my matched i won !! I'm in 2nd place.. *it's not bad 'coz i'm just a beginner* When i was in 6th grade .. i joined again in a tennis tournament .. and i won but not in 2nd place .. i'm only in 3rd place ., i'm not sad about that .. 'coz i did my best :)

--/> i found tennis is a great sport .. it enhance your strength and alertness ... but this past 4 consecutive years , I'm sad that i didn't play tennis ., but still i'm watching tennis .. like Roland-Garros tournament , and Wimbledon tournament .., my favorite player in Women's Single is Maria Sharapova (top seed no. 16) !! i love the way she plays in tennis court .. and also her style inside the court .. *she is 6'2 .. a very tall woman at the age of 23 y/o* hehe :D .. while in Men's Single is Roger Federer (top seed no.1) !! although Rafael Nadal beat him in Roland-Garros tournament .. i will always be his fan .. no matter what :)

-> we have our own different favorite sports .. but for me , i love LAWN TENNIS !!!!

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