Monday, November 10, 2014

What comes Around... Goes Around

Here I am again... writing as's been a while folks ! 5 months. Well, it's crazy to write again after having a looong break thought i will not write again but I guess not doing anything is a bit crazy...

July, August, September,October, November... what happened? i was busy with studies and many firstsss experience is a long the way.

  1. Getting ride in Boat the BIG one... and riding in an Airplane!whoooosh***
  2. Watching live action of TENNIS !!!! I'm excited to see my favorite tennis players to play! yeey Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic!
  3. For the fourth time... my Phone was stolen T.T
  4. I got a chance to watched Christina Grimmie live !!!
  5. My first time to went in Cebu, Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro! (Place in the Philippines)
  6. I got my New Fender Dreadnought CD-60 Guitar! The brand that Avril Lavigne endorsed feel like I'm having a jam with her every time I played it
T'was a crazy past few month.. i won't elaborate it here since i have my own diary at home. hahaha! This is just for blogging and practicing my english and grammar. One thing that I want to be competitive in my chosen career not because I want it but because it's a way to become a successful someday. I learn that I have to build up my courage and face every struggles. Without actions... There will be no progress.

Bye for now... Short summary in my 5 months huh! And yes ! i have a twitter follow me: @strumUdarlene. I'll follow you back ;)

XoXo :-*

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Love Poem #3

It happened last summer between April to May. Uh Guys, the summer in Philippines is April to May :) we're not in America which is in July or August?? Anyways, it's not actually a "Summer Love" that was just a title of my post to be catchy :PP Last few months was my internship and i wrote this poem to the one who became my friend there during my internship ^^, It's a friendly way to expressed my thoughts, it goes like this...

Summer Love

First time i met you, I didn't knew we'd belong,
I'd never feel the same way 'til you come along.
My feelings towards you started to grow,
Like a flower that needs a sunshine to glow.

Falling for you is easiest thing to do,
Like tossing a penny in the vendo.
Waiting for the right moment, isn't easy,
Sitting here calmly and patiently.

Your sweet smile and your voice like a whisper,
Unfortunately, the time for us is over.
I'd better go and we'll parted forever
As if nothing happened in the summer.

And that was it! Hope you like it! ^^,
I'll post another one, soon!


Monday, June 09, 2014

Movie-Goer! Raawwks! \mm/

“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” 
― Stephen King

It's been a long time since the last time i wrote here! Well, i've been very busy with my Internship and I'm glad that it ends already! :) classes starts tomorrow and for sure I will be very busy again :/ So... before things get very busy for all of us... I want to share my hobby for the past few weeks... WATCHING MOVIES! that's my past time if i dont have anything to read. Lately i've been watching some unique movies.. Hmmm. about Homosexuality.. Just want to make clear things up guys. I'm Straight but just curious with some different story line , I guess... Just sick and tired of watching love story with villain, mistress, bfs, gfs, conflict with family and friends... so yeah! i've been trying to watch another plot twist and I ended up watching homosexual movies... Here's the list! Hope you guys try to watch it and enjoy these awesome movies! ;)

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color
  2. Gia
  3. Eloise's Lover
  4. Yes or No 1 and 2
  5. Fingersmith
  6. I Can't Think Straight
  7. Elena Undone
  8. Amour de Femme
  9. Imagine Me and You
  10. Tipping the Velvet
  11. Bloomington
  12. A Perfect Ending
  13. High Art
  14. My Summer of Love

Here are my top List movies that I really really love!~ Take note these movies are not about homosexuality. Just a Romantic-comedy, drama and so on... Mostly are Korean movies ^^, and Definitely some here makes me cry :D

  1. Miracle in Cell No. 7
  2. Hello Ghost
  3. Silver Linings Playbook
  4. 3 Idiots
  5. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
  6. My Girl and I
  7. Black Swan
  8. A Moment to Remember
  9. Amour
  10. Babo
  11. A Walk to Remember
  12. The Notebook
  13. Wall-E
  14. Easy A
  15. Hunger Games Series
  16. Secret
  17. Confessions
  18. Warm Bodies
  19. 50 First Dates
  20. Flipped

If U are interested with these movies... search first for the plot and if it intrigues you may be you could try. There's nothing wrong in trying it out! Check it ;)


Saturday, May 10, 2014

World's Toughest Job!

Did you ever realized how hard to become a "Mom?" How hard it was to be strong all the time. M-O-M Three letters but full of meaning. Without Her, we would not exist in this beautiful World. Our life starts with her story. I saw a video saying WORLD'S TOUGHEST JOB, i was intrigue with the title so i watched the video. I thought it was a job like President, Lawyer and so on. but then after i watched i was amazed. I realized... Yeah. Yes. that's absolutely the World's Toughest Job!!! Without being paid. Without any hesitations.They give us what we need and want.

Here's the link, Worth watching ;)

You know, I always think that being a Mother is a MENTALITY. We always think that you can called as Mom if you have a children. but for me... Being a MOM is not always having kids but what you feel inside your Heart. Some children grew up without knowing their Biological Mother instead they grew up with their Stepmother. Some children grew up only with their Dad. Then your Dad is also your Mom. All i'm trying to say is being a Mother is not only for a woman but also for all the people showing their love to their children who is willing to give up everything to protect them. If you grew up without your Mom and you grew up only with your Dad, I say you should thank him. It's hard to become a Mom and Dad all at once. ^^,

People say that Love of a Mother is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and i don't doubt about it. They carry us for Nine Months and the pain they endure when they gave birth. How hard it was huh? You will never know how much pain it was until you experience it by yourself. That's why I'm writing this blog to salute all Mother and also Dad stands as a Mother. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU :)

I admit, i don't usually give hugs and kisses, say i Love you and I may be disobedient to my parents but Heaven knows how much i care for them. for unending support they give for us. I may not be the Sweetest Person in the world but i'm definitely sure... I always be there for them. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Keep your Head Held High

"And you called me up again just to break me like a promise... So casually cruel in the name of being honest..."

t'was a lyrics from the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift. And i guess that's my favorite part of the song. It's because most of the people always spoke what's on their mind without even realizing it hurt others.

Sometimes you just wish that you could be beautiful like the others. The way they dress, the way they flip their hair, people listen when they talk, and the way they look is just sooo perfect that you can't keep yourself staring at. i know this might sound superb envious and insane cos people have different traits, attitudes and characters. That you have to be contented of what you have and not the things you dont have.

Anyways, all im trying to say is... we're unique in every way. You dont have ro listen to what others says and think. You have to be yourself but sometimes... people aren't aware that their words are like knives. They hurt others even though they didnt mean it. I think the most painful are those verbal words. Because once you said it, it cannot be undone. Its better to be unsaid than to be undone. We have to control ourselves, watch our words and think re-think a thousand times if it doesnt hurt anyone. 

Learn to appreciate the things you have, people around you, talent that you can share and NEVER STOP LEARNING.

If other people always being mean to you, prove to them that they are all wrong. Be better and stronger person! If you fall who cares?? All that matters is how you stand in your feet. Time will come when you look back, you'll realize how far you've grown. That those dark days turn into brighter days. Never Ever Ever Give Up! ;)

Say it to yourself like a Mantra!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Poem #2

Lately, it feels like i want to write and write.... to relieve the worries and frustration that i'm holding in. It happened a few months ago, i wrote this poem because of my Professor that's getting into my nerve! i was in the situation where i could curse and bury her! BUT of course it all happened in the back of my head. i'm on my way going home and it feels like it was the right time to write and create a poem where i could burst out what's in my head. You know guys, For me, sometimes it's good to stuck in traffic! Know why? it's because i find it that t'was the time where my brain is in state of reverie and having my wild imagination. Of course, for some people it's not good -- and also sometimes it's not good for me too! i got late in school and all -- Anyways, here's my poem dedicated to my Professor :))) Ssshhh!

[Insert Title]

Your face i don't want to see,
Your voice i don't want to here.
I want to wrap my hands around your neck,
Bury you six feet under the ground.

We did our best for you,
Lack of sleep is the consequence.
But still you didn't let us go,
Where's the justice and freedom?

We couldn't laugh hundred percent,
We couldn't focus on our plate.
Anxiety, agony, you even tore us apart.
Now tell me, how to mend a broken heart?

I was Flabbergasted by the result.
We're not in Russia, and not in Solaire.
How come the Russian Roulette appear?
I even pray every now and then.

When i close my eyes, i see a dark world,
I'm haunted by your shadows and words.
Here's the one thing i assure to you,
Every time we fall, we will rise again!

I don't like to put title on my poem. for me, title is the hardest part to create. 'Cos just by reading the title you can actually analyze what the story was all about and i don't want to give a title where it doesn't fit the story line. So, it's up to the reader what do they think the title that fits the poem.

Hope you like my poem! HA-HA! (n.n)/


Monday, April 14, 2014

Principle in Life

"Sometimes life knocks you on your ass, Get up! Get up!! Get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems; it's the ability to deal with them..."

-Dr. Steve Maraboli

You know Guys, when i'm in different situation i think my perception in life also changes. I get a chance to see what's the real world. The real world that sometimes can be cruel and sometimes be in your side. But this past few days, i don't think odds are in my favor. I mean, i'm still blessed and thankful for what i have right now but some are not favorable on us. Our plans are sometimes not the way we want it to be happen. I have this quotation in my head right now,it goes like this: 

"Life is like a fragile box, we should always handle it with care.."

Sometimes --- no, most of the time --- we became careless on actions and words that we said and done. We're not aware that people around us hurt and sometimes it cause a gap between two people. Why it did came up? Nothing just to relate in my quotation :))) So, as i was saying... Life can be challenging for all of us, but Life is a challenge that we should be proud of. It's something that will mold us into a better and stronger person. I believe, it's better to be Optimistic than to be Realistic and Pessimistic. It gives you hope that there still a good thing that might happen. BUT! don't be too much Positive thinker cos EXPECTATION LEADS TO DISAPPOINTMENT :) Have faith and everything put in the right place! And of course, do your part! Only you have the power to change your attitude and outlook in life towards on what your facing right at this very moment!



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Looking Forward Poem #1

I do not know where to start. I do not know how to construct and formulate words to express this kind of feeling of what I'm going through. I did not write here for a loooong time! and there's so many things happen. I got into college, taking up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Honestly, I do not know why I took up that course maybe because i want to be Called an "Engineer" someday! 'm not good at Math and Science, I'm the weakest link and that category but I still enrolled in Engineering Course so I have to strive to the best that I can no matter what! I also got a chance to explore and learn new things in musical instruments like GUITAR! ;)

The reason why I write here is because, I want to share my wild imagination in constructing poems and songs. Here's the poem I made ​​Because of my current problem that I'm facing. 

The feeling i want to chase

Im holding back my tears
Im started to lose my grip
Let go of what happened...
I wont ask why, I wont ask how
Things never fall in right place
Pick up the smaller pieces
And fill what is missing...
Little by little, you will grow
Time will come then you'll see
Looking back all through the years
It will only be, a bittersweet memory...

 I do not usually put a title. I wrote a poem cos it helps me to ease the worries or other negativity in me and absolutely it works! :) So for now! here's all i got! ^^, Keep Safe Y'all!