Friday, April 29, 2011

High School Life ... is the BEST !!!

Four years in High School is long enough to say that it is already a part of my life. I met my friends, and my inspiration. They gave happiness in my life in four years!
And now, the graduation is about to come ... I feel happy because at last!! after all my sacrifices and all the things I've done.. in four years, my chapter in High School is over! But, aside from being happy... I also felt of sadness .. Because I will my classmates that became a part of my life . I will miss the days that I laugh, hang out, and all the things that makes me happy together with them.

Look at that picture! That's our field trip in the Famous Landmark in Philippines which is Luneta Park, where our National Hero Gat. Jose Rizal was killed. It is one of my unforgettable in High School. I will cherish and never forget that day because at the end ... All I can do is reminisce the past.

GUYS !! we are facing a new chapter in life ... and that is COLLEGE LIFE. I know all of us will take a different path and maybe we will not see each other in 3 to 4 years unless if there's a party !! I will miss you guys ! and I hope that you will never forget... That there is LALENG who played a part of your High School Life.

Oh! before I forgot ... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US !! * Sana hindi tayo magsisi sa kursong pipiliin natin .. Kaya isiping mabuti !! Future ang nakasalalay.. :)) *

( IV - GOLD batch 2010 - 2011 )

-- thanks for reading !! stay tuned for my next blog :)

xoxo ♥ me