Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Only Me when I'm with Them ♥

ooh !! @.@ ., Date Taken- March 30, 2010 .. right! the day before Recognition Day ! aah., that day was one of my unforgettable moment in my high school life ... :)

---/> uhmm., when do you start drinking alcohol ?! if you ask me .., i will say ., "I start drinking alcoholic drink when i was in 6th Grade. But, i'm not ALCOHOLIC! that you see in a bar or a cabaret chasing with the boys .. or something like that !!" i'm not that type of girl. for heaven's sake, i'm only 15 yrs. old. :))

---/> I just wanna share a blog of mine .., it happened when i was in 2nd yr High School ., my friend Carmina celebrating her 15th birthday in their house *November 7, 2008*. But before that day My friends and I decided to surprise her .. Before going to her birthday party, we decided to buy her a new bag but because of that she get angry .. she thought that we will not go to her bday 'coz we are late .. hehe *that was our plan* .. but she realized that we do that just to buy her a gift to surprised her ... until now, that bag is still alive .. hahaha

---/> Many of her visitors went home but our group so called 'Dhora's Angel" is still there ... and one of my friend suggest that we should buy a beer just for fun ... and there you go, that was the first time that we started to drink a beer ... Before going home., we decided to keep it a secret !! But .. i think after 2 days., our adviser called us *all of us that joined the party of Carmina* to go to Library .. at first we thought we might just do an activity .. at the Library ,, one of my friend told to her mother what we did !! OMG !! we thought that it's only our secret that no one will know ... She brought her mother .., inside the library .. whew ! interrogate .., asking questions .., that sort of thing ... some of us ,, started to cry ., even me .. well., but as of now ., *at present* that girl also drink with us .. but her mother doesn't know ...

---/> that was only a nightmare .., LESSON: don't drink too much !!! DRINKING TOO MUCH ALCOHOL CAN RUIN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE !!! JUST DRINK IF YOU HAVE TO CELEBRATE A PARTY OR TO SOCIALIZE ... that's only my opinion to have a happy life. .. hahah :D ..

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---> Darlene <---

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