Sunday, May 01, 2011

Modern Fairy Tale !!

 * Once upon a time in a far away land ... *

I have one question ... Where do you usually hear those lines ?! Yes, You're right !! In a Book that is full of fantasy or what we called Fairy Tales. Oh God ! I love reading books. Sometimes, I can finish reading books in one week or even days.

Ok .. back to the topic, when I was a young, My Mom always read me a book before I sleep like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs *ooh ! I love that book.* Hansel and Gretel, Aladdin and etc. Some of it usually have their Prince and Princess as a character. I wish I could have my own Prince too. :D

Last April 29, 2011, almost 2 billion people all over the world watched The Royal Wedding of The Century. many tourists came to London, England just to see in personal the Newlyweds. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was sooooooo Lucky to have Prince William, who is the future King of England. Catherine is beautiful in every way even though she didn't put make up.

I wish I could find my own Prince too. But not at this moment, I have many things to do to fulfill my dreams. Well, I hope that their marriage will LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER !! :)

Congratulations and greetings from Philippines.

-- Thanks for reading my blog.

xoxo ♥ me