Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learn How To Speak Tagalog

Alright ! So, Are you planning to go to Philippines? Well, I'm sure you won't regret to visit here and travel all over the Philippines. But, our country has its own Language called 'Tagalog'. Filipinos also understand English but before going to other country ... You should know its Culture, Languages, etc.

Basic/Simple Words of Filipino that you should learn, for you to understand what they are saying. Here are the Following:

       English Version  ----------- Tagalog Version

  • How are you? ------------ Kamusta ka?
  • Good Morning ----------- Magandang Umaga
  • Good Evening ------------ Magandang Gabi
  • Let's go! ------------------ Tara na!
  • Take Care ---------------- Ingat ka
  • I Love You --------------- Mahal Kita
  • How Much? -------------- Magkano?
  • Thank You --------------- Salamat

Hope you learn some information about this. Enjoy your vacation here in the Philippines :)

-- xoxo ♥ Me