Saturday, April 12, 2014

Looking Forward Poem #1

I do not know where to start. I do not know how to construct and formulate words to express this kind of feeling of what I'm going through. I did not write here for a loooong time! and there's so many things happen. I got into college, taking up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Honestly, I do not know why I took up that course maybe because i want to be Called an "Engineer" someday! 'm not good at Math and Science, I'm the weakest link and that category but I still enrolled in Engineering Course so I have to strive to the best that I can no matter what! I also got a chance to explore and learn new things in musical instruments like GUITAR! ;)

The reason why I write here is because, I want to share my wild imagination in constructing poems and songs. Here's the poem I made ​​Because of my current problem that I'm facing. 

The feeling i want to chase

Im holding back my tears
Im started to lose my grip
Let go of what happened...
I wont ask why, I wont ask how
Things never fall in right place
Pick up the smaller pieces
And fill what is missing...
Little by little, you will grow
Time will come then you'll see
Looking back all through the years
It will only be, a bittersweet memory...

 I do not usually put a title. I wrote a poem cos it helps me to ease the worries or other negativity in me and absolutely it works! :) So for now! here's all i got! ^^, Keep Safe Y'all!