Saturday, May 10, 2014

World's Toughest Job!

Did you ever realized how hard to become a "Mom?" How hard it was to be strong all the time. M-O-M Three letters but full of meaning. Without Her, we would not exist in this beautiful World. Our life starts with her story. I saw a video saying WORLD'S TOUGHEST JOB, i was intrigue with the title so i watched the video. I thought it was a job like President, Lawyer and so on. but then after i watched i was amazed. I realized... Yeah. Yes. that's absolutely the World's Toughest Job!!! Without being paid. Without any hesitations.They give us what we need and want.

Here's the link, Worth watching ;)

You know, I always think that being a Mother is a MENTALITY. We always think that you can called as Mom if you have a children. but for me... Being a MOM is not always having kids but what you feel inside your Heart. Some children grew up without knowing their Biological Mother instead they grew up with their Stepmother. Some children grew up only with their Dad. Then your Dad is also your Mom. All i'm trying to say is being a Mother is not only for a woman but also for all the people showing their love to their children who is willing to give up everything to protect them. If you grew up without your Mom and you grew up only with your Dad, I say you should thank him. It's hard to become a Mom and Dad all at once. ^^,

People say that Love of a Mother is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and i don't doubt about it. They carry us for Nine Months and the pain they endure when they gave birth. How hard it was huh? You will never know how much pain it was until you experience it by yourself. That's why I'm writing this blog to salute all Mother and also Dad stands as a Mother. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU :)

I admit, i don't usually give hugs and kisses, say i Love you and I may be disobedient to my parents but Heaven knows how much i care for them. for unending support they give for us. I may not be the Sweetest Person in the world but i'm definitely sure... I always be there for them. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.