Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Love Poem #3

It happened last summer between April to May. Uh Guys, the summer in Philippines is April to May :) we're not in America which is in July or August?? Anyways, it's not actually a "Summer Love" that was just a title of my post to be catchy :PP Last few months was my internship and i wrote this poem to the one who became my friend there during my internship ^^, It's a friendly way to expressed my thoughts, it goes like this...

Summer Love

First time i met you, I didn't knew we'd belong,
I'd never feel the same way 'til you come along.
My feelings towards you started to grow,
Like a flower that needs a sunshine to glow.

Falling for you is easiest thing to do,
Like tossing a penny in the vendo.
Waiting for the right moment, isn't easy,
Sitting here calmly and patiently.

Your sweet smile and your voice like a whisper,
Unfortunately, the time for us is over.
I'd better go and we'll parted forever
As if nothing happened in the summer.

And that was it! Hope you like it! ^^,
I'll post another one, soon!