Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Poem #2

Lately, it feels like i want to write and write.... to relieve the worries and frustration that i'm holding in. It happened a few months ago, i wrote this poem because of my Professor that's getting into my nerve! i was in the situation where i could curse and bury her! BUT of course it all happened in the back of my head. i'm on my way going home and it feels like it was the right time to write and create a poem where i could burst out what's in my head. You know guys, For me, sometimes it's good to stuck in traffic! Know why? it's because i find it that t'was the time where my brain is in state of reverie and having my wild imagination. Of course, for some people it's not good -- and also sometimes it's not good for me too! i got late in school and all -- Anyways, here's my poem dedicated to my Professor :))) Ssshhh!

[Insert Title]

Your face i don't want to see,
Your voice i don't want to here.
I want to wrap my hands around your neck,
Bury you six feet under the ground.

We did our best for you,
Lack of sleep is the consequence.
But still you didn't let us go,
Where's the justice and freedom?

We couldn't laugh hundred percent,
We couldn't focus on our plate.
Anxiety, agony, you even tore us apart.
Now tell me, how to mend a broken heart?

I was Flabbergasted by the result.
We're not in Russia, and not in Solaire.
How come the Russian Roulette appear?
I even pray every now and then.

When i close my eyes, i see a dark world,
I'm haunted by your shadows and words.
Here's the one thing i assure to you,
Every time we fall, we will rise again!

I don't like to put title on my poem. for me, title is the hardest part to create. 'Cos just by reading the title you can actually analyze what the story was all about and i don't want to give a title where it doesn't fit the story line. So, it's up to the reader what do they think the title that fits the poem.

Hope you like my poem! HA-HA! (n.n)/