Monday, November 10, 2014

What comes Around... Goes Around

Here I am again... writing as's been a while folks ! 5 months. Well, it's crazy to write again after having a looong break thought i will not write again but I guess not doing anything is a bit crazy...

July, August, September,October, November... what happened? i was busy with studies and many firstsss experience is a long the way.

  1. Getting ride in Boat the BIG one... and riding in an Airplane!whoooosh***
  2. Watching live action of TENNIS !!!! I'm excited to see my favorite tennis players to play! yeey Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic!
  3. For the fourth time... my Phone was stolen T.T
  4. I got a chance to watched Christina Grimmie live !!!
  5. My first time to went in Cebu, Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro! (Place in the Philippines)
  6. I got my New Fender Dreadnought CD-60 Guitar! The brand that Avril Lavigne endorsed feel like I'm having a jam with her every time I played it
T'was a crazy past few month.. i won't elaborate it here since i have my own diary at home. hahaha! This is just for blogging and practicing my english and grammar. One thing that I want to be competitive in my chosen career not because I want it but because it's a way to become a successful someday. I learn that I have to build up my courage and face every struggles. Without actions... There will be no progress.

Bye for now... Short summary in my 5 months huh! And yes ! i have a twitter follow me: @strumUdarlene. I'll follow you back ;)

XoXo :-*